Data Privacy

Data Privacy with AdClear

Personally identifiable information may not be processed in Germany without the consent of the visitor (Information and Communications Law, Article 2).

AdClear takes the protection of your personal data very seriously and strictly conforms to data privacy laws. Some of the data tracked during the visit of this website will be used for statistical analysis. This data collection occurs with a pixel that is included in each page of this website.

Data collected for web tracking

When you visit our website, certain information are transmitted by your browser and collected and analysed for the purposes of our web analysis. Collection is carried out through a pixel which is integrated on each page.
The following data is collected:

  • Request (name of the requested file)
  • Browser type/ version (e.g. Internet Explorer 11)
  • Browser language (e.g. English)
  • Operating system used (e.g. Windows 10)
  • Referring URL (the last page you visited)
  • IP address – this is immediately anonymised and deleted after processing
  • Access time
  • Clicks
  • Order value (if applicable)

If fingerprinting is activated following data is also collected:

  • Internal resolution of the browser window
  • Plugin

IP Address

An IP Address is sent with every server call, in order that the server knows where to send the response. An IP Address is allocated to everyone when they connect to the internet. This IP Address is assigned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP). The ISP can determine which IP Address was allocated to which customer at which point in time. With the law concerning data storage, the ISP is required to store this information. It is possible via the ISP to identify the person responsible for the user’s internet connection. We do not save the IP Address. We anonymize the IP Address by shortening it for the geolocalization purposes of our web analytics. The IP Addresses are then entirely deleted, so that our data cannot be used to identify a user. The geolocalization functions via a database in which the IP Addresses of various hosts and their location are saved. Thus, the geolocalization indicates the location of the ISP, but not the concrete address of a user.


Many internet sites use cookies. They are used for a more user-friendlier and more effective usability of the web. Cookies are small text files that are set on your computer and saved by your browser. Most of the cookies we use are known as “Session Cookies”. Additionally, there are other cookies that are used to recognize the same user across multiple visits to the website. Cookies do not harm your computer in any way and do not contain any viruses. The data does not allow AdClear GmbH to identify any individuals. An integration of this data with other data sources will not be performed.

The following cookies are set for web analytics purposes:

  • Session cookie (for session recognition, service life: one session) [Webtrekk]
  • Session cookie (JSESSIONID, for session recognition, service life: one session) [AdClear]
  • Long-term cookie (for recognising new/regular customers, recommended maximum service life (reducible): 6 months/0.5 years without opt-in and 12 months/1 year with opt-in) [Webtrekk]
  • Opt-out cookie (where consent to tracking is refused, recommended minimum service life (extendable): 60 months/5 years)
  • Opt-in cookie (to extend long-term cookie, service life: 12 months/1 year)

In your browser settings, you can determine if cookies may be set or not. If you wish not to be tracked for this website, then you can opt-out of the tracking below or you may configure your browser’s cookie settings to limit the acceptance of cookies or to delete cookies (Cookie Domain:

Further Information

We value your trust. Therefore, we always want to keep you informed about the processing of your personal data. Please feel free to contact the data protection supervisor at any time if you have any questions that are not answered in this privacy policy or if you wish to receive further information on a particular issue. Please find our contact details below.

Opt-Out of Data Storage

According to §15 of the German Telemediengesetz (TMG), website visitors can opt out of the saving of their anonymized visit data, so that they will not be tracked in the future.

AdClear Opt-out

To be excluded from AdClear tracking, a cookie will be set with the name adclearoptout from the particular domain. This opt-out is valid for as long as the cookie is not deleted, but not longer than 5 years. This way you are able to stop the complete tracking for all advertisers who use the AdClear tracking solution. Therefore click on the following button to prevent tracking for the wanted tracking-domain:

Domain Opt-Out Link Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out Opt-out

Some AdClear customers use AdClear as a first party tracking solution. This means, that an opt-out of data storage is only possible via the website of the respective advertiser. All customers of AdClear who use the first party tracking offer a specific opt-out link on their own websites. Just visit the webpage of the advertiser and adjust your data privacy settings there directly by clicking on the AdClear specific opt-out link. To be excluded from AdClear first party web tracking, a cookie will be set with the name adclearOptOut from the domain of the AdClear customer/advertiser. This opt-out is valid for as long as the cookie is not deleted.

Webtrekk Opt-out

In order to exclude Webtrekk web controlling, a cookie with the name webtrekkOptOut from domain will be used.
This opt-out will apply as long as you do not delete the cookie. The cookie is installed for the specified domain, per browser and computer. Therefore, as an example, if you use our website from home and work or with a number of different browsers, you need to set the cookie for each computer and each browser.
To activate the opt-out, please click the button below.

Opt-out Webtrekk

If you would like to contact us, please send us an email to:

    To provide your personal data, we ask you to submit the unique cookie-id.